Where to Pick Up Girls – Best Spots to Meet Beautiful Girls

Many guys who want to pick up girls are surprisingly have very limited knowledge in this matter. They don’t know the best place look for beautiful girls and the best way to grab their attention. No wonder they’re always fail! The truth is meeting girls in different locations need different strategies too. If you’re just using one method and expect it to work every time, you’ll only get endless frustration. Here are a few spots that you should consider:

At a club or bar

Let’s start with the “traditional” option first. The clubs are always filled with the most gorgeous girls with the shortest skirts and stunning figures. However, just because they’re there doesn’t mean that you can pick them up that easily.

Girls – especially the hot ones – are expecting some guys to come and try to seduce them in a club. They’ve experienced this countless time and will not easy to be impressed. chennai escort service Your best bet here is using that experience to strike a conversation. Ask them “what’s the lamest lines that you’ve heard tonight?” or something around that topic.

Another alternative is coming to the club near the closing time. At that time, most of the hot guys have left and the leftover girls who don’t want to come home alone that night won’t be so picky anymore. Note that just because they’re “leftover” doesn’t mean they’re ugly or mediocre girls. Some of them are still there simply because they were being too picky the whole night.

At an exhibition or show

There are countless options here: art, automotive, computers, gadgets, etc. The girls are not here to socialize and won’t expect to be approached, so they won’t be as difficult as the club girls.

Make sure to do your homework first so you can stand beside her and strike a conversation about the subject she’s looking. Don’t make it too flirty, this is not the place and it’ll freak her out. Of course, you can also hit the staffs or the models (especially in an automotive show); just make sure to keep it short (because she’s in the middle of her work) and get her number.

At groceries, bookstore, laundromats, or other public places

These are other places where girls won’t expect themselves to be approached. So long as you stay friendly and polite, most of the time they’ll be willing to answer your questions. The concept is pretty much the same. You stand beside her, then ask her to pass something in front of her to you or asking her opinion about several items there.

Groceries and laundromats are my favorites since people usually visit these two places regularly, thus you can use the “boyfriending” technique. You see, girls are tend to have this romantic fantasy about “fateful meeting” and you can use that to your advantage. When she says that she comes there regularly, say “wow, we must have met many times without even realize it!” It’s like “fate” finally allows you two to know each other.

When it comes to picking up girls, don’t restrict yourself to such limited options like clubs or bars. You can meet a lot of beautiful girls in their everyday’s life and have better response from them. Just make sure you know how to behave and adjust your approaching method to the current circumstance.