The best taxi apps in each city Europe

When moving around a new city between business meetings and meals with clients, you want (or rather, need) to move easily between different points. This means that you need an easy-to-use and reliable route finder app at all times, even at night or during rush hour. The problem is that there is no app for ordering taxis that works well everywhere.


After losing myself several times, I thought that if I couldn’t find the optimal resource, I could create it myself. And viola, here we present the guide for frequent travelers with the applications to order a taxi that should be used in the different European cities.


Local residents recommend them and our team has verified the veracity of the recommendations. Next, we will proceed to classify the best taxi apps in each city. Most are available for iOS and Android. Visit here for taxi bestellen eindhoven


The 8 best applications to order a taxi in Europe

Looking for the best taxi app in Europe? Try one of the following apps. They are the most used!



FREE NOW is present in more than 100 European cities and is especially known in Barcelona, ​​London, Paris, Berlin and Dublin.


  1. Taxi EU

Taxi EU operates in more than 160 European cities and is very popular especially in German cities.


  1. Uber

Despite not being present in many European cities, Uber is found in more than 130 cities on the continent and is especially known in London, Rome and Milan.


  1. Gett

Gett works in more than 100 cities in Western and Eastern Europe, and is very popular especially in London, Tel Aviv and Moscow.


  1. G7

G7 is in more than 120 European cities and is especially known in Paris and other French cities.


  1. LeCab

LeCab is a local and very popular app for ordering a taxi in and around Paris that also offers a great travel experience.


  1. Cabify

Cabify is a well-known Spanish application for ordering a taxi that operates in Barcelona, ​​Alicante, Madrid, Valencia and other cities in the country. It is not available in the rest of Europe, but it does operate in many South American countries.


  1. Wave

This popular Indian taxi company arrived in London in 2018. It is now also available in South Wales, the South West region of England, and the counties of Merseyside and the Western Midlands.


In addition, we have broken down exclusively for you the different taxi app options in London, Paris, Barcelona and Berlin. Read on to discover our best recommendations in these cities.