Motivational Tips for the Morning

Good Morning – Motivation in the Morning! – Get up and get going this morning because success is not free and it takes some work. Shake off the sleep, get some coffee, tea, or juice and read this carefully.

Quote of the Day – “Success woke me up, Motivation made me breakfast, Destiny gave me my agenda and the Lord gave me his blessings.” – Unknown

Motivation in the morning isn’t easy, at least it isn’t easy for me. When I first get up my mind is all over the place and the last thing I want to hear is something positive.

Honestly, the first thing I want in the morning is a toilet. The second thing I want is a cup of coffee. The third thing I want is another cup of coffee. After about two cups of coffee I am ready to adjust my attitude. My suggestion is don’t talk to me until I have finished the first cup of coffee. Good morning happy sunday images hd Even then you better talk slow and low.

Unknown Quote: Every morning I long to hold you, I need you, I want you, I love your warmth… your smell, your taste… Ohhh coffee I love you. Good Morning!

I wish I could claim the quote above but I can’t. However I can sure identify with the person who did say the quote. Is caffeine an addiction? Of course it is but I can live with this addiction.

After the coffee has done its job I am ready to start my motivation in the morning. Ok, let’s get this show on the road. I am a winner. I can accomplish my goals and leap tall buildings in a single bound. I am super Bob on a mission to change the world.

Seriously, I need morning motivation and I need to stay motivated all day long. The way I accomplish is goal is through telling myself the truth, positive declarations and scripture meditation. I use all three of these techniques to get my attitude in right.

If something negative pops into my mind I review the thought to make sure it is true. If I begin to tell myself I can’t accomplish my goals I quickly rearrange the thought in to something positive. sunday images hd I can accomplish my goals. I have accomplished my goals in the past and I can do it today.

If I tell myself something negative about myself I can also claim the truth by declaring that I am an awesome spiritual being made in the image of God.