Beer Mugs Are the Manliest Gift to Get For Father’s Day

Father’s day is not as far away as you may think – the third Sunday of June is fast approaching – and planning for the right gift, whether you are a wife or a child, Father’s day is an important staple for Fathers around the country. The day is often associated with a family get-together, sharing a meal and celebrating. For the man, Father’s day is a day to feel appreciated for his role as a leader of the family, for his manliness and for the guidance and steady support he provides to his loved ones. And surely, it is a day when you crack a few beers and talk about old times or watch them game. Not to be stereotyping, but it is a fair assumption that your man is a beer drinker, since “Just Drinks”, a global leader in beverage trends, estimates 73% of all males in the USA to be drink beer.

Don’t underestimate the importance of a man to feel appreciated for his masculinity. It can do wonders to his self-esteem.

For these reasons, finding the right Father’s Day gift viking drinking horn ; a gift that centers on accentuating and projecting your man’s masculine qualities, are of the essence.

Provided that your husband or father is a beer drinker, Beer Mugs are excellent gifts that will get the job done on Father’s Day. Not only is it a fantastic gift that he will enjoy using instantly, but he will also feel that you have taken part of understanding one his life passions and enjoyments – a good beer. For a man, this kind of insight is important – the sign that you care.

Now that you’ve considered mugs, you should know that it’s not just getting any beer mug that will do it. Beer mugs come in a variety of forms, shapes and sizes to satisfy the global taste buds. Surely you have heard the terms beer, stout, lager and ale – all variants of beer that can be enjoyed in different pours, temperatures and types of mugs. Whether you are buying your beer mugs from a store or from an online retailer, make sure you know what beer mug is ideal for what type of beer. Ask around and do some research.

The ultimate beer mug is the mug that is engraved. Consider the impact when your man opens his Father’s day gift and finds 6 brand new, oversized beer mugs with his name on them. Or why not, the classic “World’s best dad” from the children – a sure tear filled moment! (Although he’d never admit to crying, right?)

This Father’s day can be the best one yet – and if you surprise your man with beer mugs, he is likely to remember it for years to come. is a large distribution company based in Miami, Florida. They are web-based and factory-direct which allows them to keep prices lower than the rest of the competition. They also have a huge selection of glassware from champagne flutes and wine glasses to shot glasses and beer mugs.